The big question:  How do I order a custom pony?

First, I recommend having some idea of what you want.  While I'm very happy to get an order that's flexible, I much prefer that you supply me with at least something to go by to start, even if it's just "I want a purple pony with a knitting theme."  I'll whip up a badly drawn sketch of some ideas on note paper or in MS Paint, and we'll hash things out until we come to an agreement.  I enjoy doing strange and unusual requests, so please don't let that stop you from requesting something.  If you know what you want, contact me.  

How long will my project take?

The time frame from starting to finishing varies depending on the project and the availability of supplies.  With a regular work load, things will take about 4-6 weeks. 

Will I get updates on progress?

I offer updates via email as well as via Google Hangouts, Facebook messages, or text.  I'm sure I could do it through Snapchat, Instagram, or Whatsapp, if that's what you're into.

Is there anything you won't do?

While I'm more than willing to give your idea a shot, I do reserve the right to not take on your project.  I will not replicate another artist's work, nor will I recreate a commissioned work for a different buyer.  I also try not to make the same characters/themes more than 2-3 times, otherwise I would be drowning in commissions for Deadpool, Harley Quinn, and Starry Night ponies.

What sort of payment options do you offer?

At this time I accept payment for custom orders by Paypal, either by credit card or by e-check, or via Google Wallet.  Orders paid for by credit card will be started usually on the next couple of days if I've got supplies on hand; echecks must clear before anything is started.  Finished products purchased from the shop will be shipped out usually on the following business day.

Can I play with my pony?

I don't recommend it.  Each pony is hand painted, and while I do seal every item, they will not hold up to rough play.  If you need a custom pony for a child, I would suggest picking out an item that will not need to be completely repainted.  However, this will considerably limit your options.  I suggest putting your pony on a shelf and admiring her for the work of art she is.

Let's talk shipping.

All items sent within the US are shipped out via USPS Priority Mail with tracking, and you should receive your package within 2-3 days of mailing. International orders are sent out via USPS First Class mail, unless the item's cost is greater than $100 or you are located in Italy, in which case it will be sent Priority.   I usually try to recycle boxes from work, because it's much nicer than just throwing out a perfectly good box. Because of this, you may get boxes from odd, pharmacy-related products.  International buyers are responsible for any customs costs, if there are any.  I will not lie on customs forms.

If you do not specify a shipping address, I will use the confirmed Paypal address. If this is incorrect, or if the item is a gift that you would like shipped directly to its recipient, please let me know before the item is shipped! Once it leaves my hands, I can't change the address.

Do you do any other sort of crafts?

I'm an avid fan of origami, and both Mr. Coin-Op and myself will occasionally dabble in cross-stitch.  I also do some sewing, which sometimes comes in handy when making clothing for projects.