Branching out.... just a little.

I'm eternally grateful that I have customers who trust in my skills and allow me to experiment with things a bit.  In the most recent situation, I was tasked with making my first custom Funko Pop!  figure.  

Now, Mr. Coin-Op collects these particular toys, so I'm familiar with the line.  I've got to be, when they're scattered around the house in little clumps like tiny vinyl gangs of cosplayers.  When I told him about potentially working with them, he immediately told me that they are available blank, which made things a bit easier for me - no need to find something with the appropriate hair or clothing molds, I can just sculpt whatever I need.  Thus, I've reached the point where I've finished the sculpting on my first figure - Margaery Tyrell of Game of Thones - and I'm ready for sanding and painting this week.

 I definitely plan on doing some more of these in the future.  It's starting to warm up a bit around here, and I feel less inclined to camp out on the couch under the quilts and more inclined to do some work on some of the other projects that I've had floating around in my head.

On the subject of projects, and the Snowpocalypse.

Gene Simmons would be proud of that tongue.

Gene Simmons would be proud of that tongue.

I'm still here!  I've just been working on a couple of projects and neglected the blog.  Sorry!

We're dealing with about 18" of snow dropped on us in what was being called THE STORM OF THE CENTURY.  That's how they described it, you could hear the capslock in their voices as they warned us that we were going to be getting at least 3' of snow, we were going to lose power, load up on bread and milk and beer, because the end was nigh, and dogs and cats were going to lay down together and OMG WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE.  Seriously.  That's what watching the news was like on Sunday and Monday.  It was a bit underwhelming, to say the least.  We survived, the house survived, and we're still here.  

However, I've got today off, I shipped out one completed project and plan to finish up one of the two Spiderman-themed ponies that I've been working on.  One, the black-suited symbiote Spiderman, is a commission and won't be for sale.  However, while I was searching through my Big Box of Bodies to find something to make him with, I found a second pony that was just perfect for doing a pony-version of Venom, complete with sculpted tongue, so he'll be up for sale in the near future.

And speaking of things for sale, I added Cthulhu to the shop this afternoon!  UPDATE:  Cthulhu is currently on hold.

Post-Holiday Stuff

Sssshhhh... it'll all be over in a couple of minutes, Pinkie.

Sssshhhh... it'll all be over in a couple of minutes, Pinkie.

I wish that I had more stuff to post about.  I'd love to be able to post "I've got an amazing number of commissions and projects in the works, and here's some work in progress shots of everything!"

However, this time of year is usually slower for me.  People are just getting over the holidays, no one has money, and folks who got money for gifts aren't wanting to spend it on something that they won't get right away.  That's ok, I'm cool with it.  It gives me a chance to lavish time on the projects that I do have, and to come up with ideas that I'd like to do between my paying gigs.  I'd absolutely love to stumble upon a secret source for cheap Munny figures and do more of those this spring, because they're so much fun to work on, and I usually don't have any spare cash when I'm in a store that sells the blanks.

Current projects include my lovely Lotus, and a baseball themed, Harley Quinn-styled pony who took me forever to find a base for in the store and is getting prepped for a paintjob as soon as I hit "publish".  It'll be the first time painting in the new house, and I hope that I don't blow a circuit or destroy major appliances in the process.  Wish me luck!

Happy Holidays!

Left:  the main koi fish
Right:  lotus blossom

The holidays are in full swing, so I've been doing more crafts to give as gifts than actual work in the workshop.  This year, more Christmas ornaments to give away!  Woohoo!

However, I've had a little bit of time this week to get some pony-themed work started in the Coin-Op Workshop is going quite well at the moment.  I've started working on a project, and I've brought more supplies up and out of the basement.  It feels good to be getting my hands dirty again.

The current project is an XXL pony with a koi fish motif, which I've wanted to do for a little while now.  However, because I can't seem to work on a project without doing at least some sculpting on it, I'm making the actual koi fish and a few flowers slightly 3-dimensional.  I'm also planning on using a couple of techniques that I've been experimenting with, so we'll see how it turns out at the end.  Sometimes what I envision at the beginning of a project is a bit different than what ends up at the end of the project.

Up and Running

Before:  In the basement, where it's cold and lonely.  Somewhere in this picture is the carcass of an enormous cricket, I think it's behind one of the boxes.

After:  Upstairs, in the light!  And best of all, no crickets!

Well, it seems as though I've got everything working properly at the moment.  The site's running, I've got a decent amount of pictures uploaded to display in my portfolio, I've got some stuff in the shop... we're all good on the web presence for the moment.

We've also managed to get the majority of the workshop moved upstairs into a room that's much warmer and brighter.  The paints are set up, and I've brought up all the tools that I'd need.  Mr. CoinOp has been amazingly supportive of helping me get things up and running again, as I was terrified that once I packed things up for the move, they'd never get unpacked and I feared that was the end of my pony artistry, however, he surprised me by  moving things upstairs and setting up things just the way they were in my old workshop while I was at my real job one day.

I'm working on some ideas in my head at the moment.  I'm currently floating the idea of a Star Trek set, and I've got a XXL pony that I'm thinking about doing with an Asian motif that would require an absolute boatload of painting.  I've also had a huge amount of inquiries into doing some Frozen ponies, which I'm also considering, just not right now.

I plan on trying to start something new things this weekend, but with it being the holiday season I've got some holiday crafting to do as well and not a lot of time left to do it.  In the meantime, feel free to browse the shop and see what's available right now.