Happy Holidays!

Left:  the main koi fish
Right:  lotus blossom

The holidays are in full swing, so I've been doing more crafts to give as gifts than actual work in the workshop.  This year, more Christmas ornaments to give away!  Woohoo!

However, I've had a little bit of time this week to get some pony-themed work started in the Coin-Op Workshop is going quite well at the moment.  I've started working on a project, and I've brought more supplies up and out of the basement.  It feels good to be getting my hands dirty again.

The current project is an XXL pony with a koi fish motif, which I've wanted to do for a little while now.  However, because I can't seem to work on a project without doing at least some sculpting on it, I'm making the actual koi fish and a few flowers slightly 3-dimensional.  I'm also planning on using a couple of techniques that I've been experimenting with, so we'll see how it turns out at the end.  Sometimes what I envision at the beginning of a project is a bit different than what ends up at the end of the project.