On the subject of projects, and the Snowpocalypse.

Gene Simmons would be proud of that tongue.

Gene Simmons would be proud of that tongue.

I'm still here!  I've just been working on a couple of projects and neglected the blog.  Sorry!

We're dealing with about 18" of snow dropped on us in what was being called THE STORM OF THE CENTURY.  That's how they described it, you could hear the capslock in their voices as they warned us that we were going to be getting at least 3' of snow, we were going to lose power, load up on bread and milk and beer, because the end was nigh, and dogs and cats were going to lay down together and OMG WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE.  Seriously.  That's what watching the news was like on Sunday and Monday.  It was a bit underwhelming, to say the least.  We survived, the house survived, and we're still here.  

However, I've got today off, I shipped out one completed project and plan to finish up one of the two Spiderman-themed ponies that I've been working on.  One, the black-suited symbiote Spiderman, is a commission and won't be for sale.  However, while I was searching through my Big Box of Bodies to find something to make him with, I found a second pony that was just perfect for doing a pony-version of Venom, complete with sculpted tongue, so he'll be up for sale in the near future.

And speaking of things for sale, I added Cthulhu to the shop this afternoon!  UPDATE:  Cthulhu is currently on hold.