Branching out.... just a little.

I'm eternally grateful that I have customers who trust in my skills and allow me to experiment with things a bit.  In the most recent situation, I was tasked with making my first custom Funko Pop!  figure.  

Now, Mr. Coin-Op collects these particular toys, so I'm familiar with the line.  I've got to be, when they're scattered around the house in little clumps like tiny vinyl gangs of cosplayers.  When I told him about potentially working with them, he immediately told me that they are available blank, which made things a bit easier for me - no need to find something with the appropriate hair or clothing molds, I can just sculpt whatever I need.  Thus, I've reached the point where I've finished the sculpting on my first figure - Margaery Tyrell of Game of Thones - and I'm ready for sanding and painting this week.

 I definitely plan on doing some more of these in the future.  It's starting to warm up a bit around here, and I feel less inclined to camp out on the couch under the quilts and more inclined to do some work on some of the other projects that I've had floating around in my head.