Basic Pricing for Ponies

The price of a custom pony will vary depending on the style, size, and detail.  All ponies include a complete paint job, and a fully rooted mane and tail with up to 3 colors.  

Sculpting and complex painted designs are also available.

A third generation pony with spiral curls, sculpted additions, and flocking.

A third generation pony with spiral curls, sculpted additions, and flocking.

Friendship is Magic (aka "g4") - prices start at $35.  This is the current line of My Little Ponies, and come in several different sizes and styles

  • Regular size - these stand about 3" tall
  • Filly - about 2" tall
  • Princess - about 4" tall, with both wings and a horn.

Larger g4 ponies, about 6" tall, are available if you're willing to pay for them. Unfortunately, there are very few poses to choose from, and it's getting more difficult for me to find ones that don't have wings or horns.

Third Generation (aka "g3") - $40 to start.  These ponies were produced in the mid-2000's, stand about 4-5" tall, and come in a wide variety of poses.


Original, first generation ponies (g1) - Prices start at $45, but may take a little longer to create because I would need to source a pony to use as a base.

These come in a huge variety of dynamic poses, and like the g3 ponies, g1 ponies stand about 4-5" tall, making them excellent for more detailed projects.  The only downside to using g1 ponies is that because they are no longer in production, there is a limited supply of them, and it can sometimes be difficult to find one in the pose you'd like in bad enough condition for me to work on (rather than just restoring it for my own collection).

Extra Large Ponies - These ponies stand at least 8" tall, and come in either Friendship is Magic or third generation ponies.  They offer a larger canvas for painting and sculpting, and make dramatic display pieces; however, their cost and completion time is increased and is determined on a case by case basis.


All figures come fully painted and sealed, although I wouldn't recommend posing them, which could damage the paint.  

Like the custom ponies, sculpting and complex painted designs are also available.

4" Figures - Prices will vary per project, but will generally start around $50.

Larger figures - Prices start at $80.